Artists in Residence

c UPDATE: Three LEFF board members watched the AH 4th grade presentation to culminate the Artists in Residence Program and were thrilled with the assembly.  The students exhibited lots of creativity, individuality, and enjoyed the time spent with the two leaders!


Follow the students in the video below as they progress towards the final exhibition: 


About the Program

The Alexander Hamilton elementary school has been selected to receive a Morris Arts Residency Grant from the Lauren and Emily Failla Foundation. Both Emily and Lauren attended AH for grades 3-5. As children they loved to learn and discover through varied venues, including the traditional classroom. They explored through music and performing, visual art and poetry, athletics and dance.


As adults, Lauren and Emily understood the importance of providing enriching opportunities for all types of students. Emily became a 4th grade teacher in the state of Washington, and Lauren continued to enrich students’ lives locally with volunteer work in Morristown.


The LEFF believes that an Artist in Residence program would be an excellent way to honor Emily and Lauren while providing a beneficial educational and social experience for the current students at Alexander Hamilton.


The artists chosen for the residency program are from Spiritree in Freehold, NJ. Working in collaboration with the classroom teachers, these artists will be interacting with the entire fourth grade and will focus on “Tall Tales,” part of the traditional literature section of the school curriculum. For more information on Spiritree visit