Artists in Residence

The LEFF is funding a short program called Artists in Residence for the 4th grade class at Alexander Hamilton Elementary School

Art Mentorship Program

The LEFF funds the MHS Art Mentorship Program run by the Morris Arts Council

MHS Scholarship

Established to reflect Emily and Lauren's appreciation of persons who possess integrity, kindness, and a desire to make the world a better place.

NICU Baby Bags

Our own program which provides take home bags for new mothers who have a baby in the NICU at Morristown Medical.


Movie Night

i 07/16/2011

Our first annual event, a movie fundraiser in honor of Lauren!

Pack n' Party

i 04/14/2012

Over 100 volunteers packed baby bags to deliver to the NICU.

Park Cleanup

i 04/20/2013

Bring your green thumbs to Loanatka Park on April 20th!

Spring Event 2014 - Broadway at the Bickford

i 05/12/2014

LEFF Hosts Broadway Stars and Silent Auction