The birthday campaign is focused on celebrating Emily & Lauren's birthdays, from March 6th through April 12th.

To celebrate Emily & Lauren's birthdays this year, each week we will highlight programs that the LEFF has run in their name. We are proud of how we have come together as a community to honor and remember Emily & Lauren through these activities, and we hope that you enjoy these memories and continue to support the LEFF. We have been so proud of our yearly scholarship at Morristown High School, and love to continue this program for years to come. This year's scholarship is fro $3,000!

Let's use this time to celebrate the years Emily & Lauren spent with us by continuing to acknowledge their birthdays. Although we may not be able to buy them a birthday dinner or send them a card, we can share our memories with the LEFF community and donate to support programs that extend their legacy. This is our third year running the birthday campaign, and every person who donates or thinks about Emily or Lauren during this time warms our hearts! This drive runs from March 6th (Emily''s birthday) to April 14th, 2 days past Lauren's birthday on April 12th.

Each day between their birthdays we will share on Facebook various fun facts and memories about both women, if you have an item to share you can send us a message on Facebook or email us at

This year the LEFF will be funding our annual scholarship at Morristown High School with the money raised from the online birthday campaign.

Funds raised passed our goal will be put directly towards our other programs.

The Lauren and Emily Failla Foundation was recently established to honor the lives of two very special young women who spent the majority of their lives in this community.  Emily graduated from MHS in 2000, and Lauren graduated in 2003.  They each had an enthusiasm for life, and their friends described them as having the biggest hearts imaginable.

The scholarship in their memory was established to reflect Emily and Lauren's appreciation of persons who possess integrity, kindness, and a desire to make the world a better place. We've been awarding the scholarship since 2013, you can read more about the past recipients at

Spawned by Lauren's love for volunteering in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) , we are proud to honor Lauren's work and continue to work with this department at the Morristown Medical Center.  New mothers have a lot to worry about when being discharged from the NICU, so we've decided to try and ease that process by providing a few essentials.  With the help of generous donations from suppliers and our own funding, we are able to put together this Newborn Baby Bag for mother's to leave the hospital with, and the project has been a HUGE success!

While the content of our bags varies depending on donations and suggestions from our contacts at the hospital, they include such items as:
diapers, wipes, shampoo, lotion, books, baby toys,
first-aid kits, and a few very special items including hand knit beanies and...

...our own very special LEFF onesie, just like the one this adorable girl is wearing!


All the bags are hand packed by LEFF volunteers. Often we have only needed to pack a few at a time, however sometimes we get together and pack 100 bags!


June 2018

April 2012


We are extremely proud to make an impact in our local community with this program and we hope to continue to for many more years to come!

As adults, Lauren and Emily understood the importance of providing enriching opportunities for all types of students. Emily became a 4th grade teacher in the state of Washington, and Lauren continued to enrich students’ lives locally with volunteer work in Morristown. The faculty and students had enjoyed that opportunity so much, that we continue to sponsor this program year after year!

It started in 2013, when through MorrisArts the LEFF funded a group of artists from SpiritTree to mentor the students at Alexander Hamilton School. The program concluded with a presentation of various American Tall Tales, and everyone felt it was a wonderful success we were excited to sponsor it again next year.

In 2014, a new group of students explored the magic of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in a 5-week program led by resident artists from The Shakespeare Theatre of NJ. All participants were immersed in a very positive and energetic program which culminated in a school-wide performance, as well as an appreciation and greater understanding of Shakespeare, theatre, and so much more!

The program continued in 2015 and 2016 with the subject matter of "A Midsummer Night's Dream", but in 2017 the play was changed to "Macbeth" to give the mentors and the teachers a change of pace! View the 2017 performance program

In 2018, "Dream" was back with some new twists! The performance was attended by Kay & Frank, and they were extremely impressed by the enthusiasm and creativity of the students. Credit was given to the LEFF, and parents and staff both thanked us for the experience given to their children.

We look forward to funding this program again this year!



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