For every $100 dollars raised, an extra birthday candle is lit!


The birthday campaign is focused on celebrating Emily & Lauren's birthdays, from March 6th through April 12th.

Let's use this time to celebrate the years Emily & Lauren spent with us by continuing to acknowledge their birthdays. Although we may not be able to buy them a birthday dinner or send them a card, we can share our memories with the LEFF community and donate to support programs that extend their legacy. This is our third year running the birthday campaign, and every person who donates or thinks about Emily or Lauren during this time warms our hearts! This drive runs from March 6th (Emily''s birthday) to April 14th, 2 days past Lauren's birthday on April 12th.

Each day between their birthdays we will share on Facebook various fun facts and memories about both women, if you have an item to share you can send us a message on Facebook or email us at

This year the LEFF will be funding our annual scholarship at Morristown High School with the money raised from the online birthday campaign.

Funds raised passed our goal will be put directly towards our other programs and our Spring community service event.

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Save the Date!

Keep June 9th open for an afternoon of honoring Emily & Lauren with community, conversation, and packing some NICU Baby Bags!

More details to come in early April!